Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This Past Saturday two of my sisters and I did the one family tradition that I really take pride in doing for the family we made homemade tamales for the Christmas season. Though this is a lot of work we are excited because this year is a bit special. we have some of our family coming home for the holidays from NE and Japan so
and for the first time in a long time
hopefully most all of the nieces and nephews and their families will all gather together.
one request we had was that the tamales had to be hot( spicy) which since my son was home we made him the official taste tester and so they do have a kick!

we made some green hatch chili ones which are my husband's and one of my brother in laws favorite, then of course we made the red chili hot ones
( if they are not hot enough then I will suggest that the kids who wanted them hot make them next year!) jk!!!

I still have the mild red chili ones to make. yes it is time consuming but it is a tradition that I have known my whole life and I do enjoy doing this with my sisters and for the family. I know my mom would be so proud! anyway for the family that reads this blog these are made for you and with a whole lot of LOVE!