Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in review

" The thing about life is, it's not about things"

Going on a hike and taking in all the beauty that nature has to offer,your oldest child turning 19!, Laughing until you cry, Friends that become relatives, Bike rides, College tours, Jumping off the cliff into the water, Watching sunsets and sunrises, Road trips, New Marraiges, New babies in the family, Private jokes that never get old!, Learning a new recipe, Listening to and feeling raindrops, Learning to adapt to a different kinds of music and enjoy it, Letting go of someone you love, Wildflowers, Taking photos, Family gatherings, Craft day, Being kind, Having faith, Proving to yourself that you can still do whatever you want, Overcoming obstacles, Surviving hardships, Always getting that butterfly feeling, Dancing, Swimming, Watching the stars, Learning something new, Being happy. Acceptance, Living life day to day, Standing near the ocean and listening, Feeling the wind. Late night talks, Old movie nights, Birthday parties, San Francisco bus trips, Christmas carolers at your door, Spending time with friends, Making some one smile, Making some one happy, Cupcakes that melt in your mouth, Hugging, Cuddling, Counting your blessings

May you all have a safe and Happy New 2010