Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Do you remember the old country song "back in the saddle again"? well that is where I am
ok so I am not in the saddle of a horse ( that would be nice) but commuting 45 min to and from work everyday it sometimes seems like that especially after being on my winter break for the last two weeks!

so my daughter and I headed back into our saddle ( routine) again, today being the first day for us seemed to go great no accidents on the road and especially no FOG! however since the weather is unpredictable I am sure we will have fog later this week.

My hubby had to take our son back to college today he found out late Sat that his dorm would not be open until today so luckily my husband was able to take some personal time from work to get the boy back to school he starts his new quarter tomorrow!

though we had a quite and nice visit it is good that we are all back in our saddle again!