Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Path of the Padres Part 3

As I continue to show the photos of my hike of the path of the padres I
wanted to share more photos

the stream is actually where the Padres would bath the town of Los Banos was really named Arroyo De Los Banos which really means
the canyon of the baths most folks now a days think Los Banos means "The Bathrooms" which in fact it could but that is not the true name. the baths is surrounded by Sycamore grove and according to the rangers is still one of the oldest in Ca state park history.

along the hike there are some soft rock and though this photo is not very clear it is a grinding stone where the Native Americans would crush acorn
and plants.

Of course the land is fenced off and
there is private land and I thought
this cow looked pretty.