Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Being honest with ourselves

Lately, I have been going through something inside myself that I can not even describe
I came across this old book I forgot I had and while glancing through it I ended up at this passage which ironically is small part of what I have been feeling.

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we need to maintain
the quality of that relationship will determine the quality of our other relationships. when we can tell ourselves how we feel and accept our feelings we can tell others.

When we can accept what we want and need we will be ready to have our wants and needs met.
When we can accept what we think and believe and accept what is important to us, we can relay this to others.

When we learn to take ourselves seriously, others will too, When we learn to chuckle at ourselves we will be ready to laugh with others.

When we have learned to trust ourselves, we will have achieved self-love. when we have achieved self-love and accepting our wants and needs, we will be ready to give and receive love.

when we've learned to stand on our own two feet, we're ready to stand next to someone.

" Today I will focus on having a good relationship with myself."

which I have started to do, self acceptance can be a difficult thing if you let it and for quite sometime I have come to the realization that I let the difficult consume me, perhaps not purposely but unconsciously I really kind of did not want to accept things about myself. but since my birthday this past weekend I have kind of awaken to the new things I MUST do and ACCEPT so that I can have a great realtionship with myself. perhaps I am on a soul searching quest. ( one that I know I am not alone in for I know that the good Lord is beside me everyday and every step of the way!)