Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 In Review

Looking back at 2010

January- just enjoyed the month of a new year/daughter started new high school in middle of her senior year!
February - Valentines day and once a month hang outs with my son and daughter and date night with my husband
March- had some good and bad moments for the bad we are getting through it all and it made us stronger for the good we had some wonderful celebrations
April-son turned 20, hubby and I took a wonderful day trip to Monterey, celebrated Easter,
May- Daughter graduated high school, and a new boyfriend, husband and I celebrated 27 years of Marriage, daughter's boyfriend got very ill hospital but all is well.
June-celebrated husband and daughters birthdays 51 and 18, took a little weekend trip here and there
July- family vacation to Los Angeles, and San Diego and Arizona had a wonderful time visiting husbands Granny and parents while on a month's vacation from work and loved it!
August-went back to work, kids back at college, husband still off on workman's comp issue
Sept- daughter's boyfriend moved in with us and we did some work around the house
Oct- visited son at school, lost our beloved Granny, took a road trip to Oklahoma to pay our respects to Granny, also went to Branson Mo and saw Roy Clark something Granny would have enjoyed tremendously.celebrated daughter's boyfriend 21 st birthday.
Nov- celebrated Thanksgiving twice once with son at a pizza parlor as he could not come home for Thanksgiving, and the traditional Thanksgiving at home. embracing & celebrated my 48th birthday.furthering a great friendship with a fellow blogger who inspires me daily.
Dec- Traditional shopping bus trip to SF, holiday gatherings, son home for the holiday, Christmas shopping, baking and great family times. looking at my self and realizing I am on a road/journey of self discovery and taking small steps at it but will continue on this path. preparing to ring in the new year and knowing that whatever it may bring I will embrace it.

all in all I can honestly say that 2010 taught me many things. but I must say I am looking forward to the new year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In the City

The first weekend in Dec we take a trip to the city of San Francisco

I like the cable cars and thought they were really cool all decorated for the Holiday Season.

it just gets me in the holiday spirit
This week I am preparing for my little family's new years celebration and getting ready to also take my son back to college on Sunday, but later this month I am hoping to spend a weekend in the city of San Fran and take a seminar that I have been so thrilled about. I don't think I am one who would enjoy the city life but I do love coming to San Francisco and visiting and since I live about two hours away it is nice to know I can go when I want.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's My Party

So recently I celebrated my 48th birthday I love my Birthday and though some people do not enjoy the fact that they are getting older I love to embrace the fact that I am. it is a graceful process, of course I have wrinkles, they tell a story on my face a story of where I have been in these 48 years and as I age they will continue to do so. I know I need to seriously work on exercising and getting my body in shape and stay healthy but here is the thing I look at about birthdays it is not only do I get a year older I get a year wiser!

I did not really have a party normally we would go out to dinner as a family but since it was during the week and my son is not home from school yet ( his winter break began last Sunday) I decided that I would rather wait till we can all be together.

My daughter and her boyfriend made me a homemade dinner and bought me a black forest cake which was wonderful and I appreciated it so much.

So I am looking forward to when my son gets home and we have our family outing and dinner I am in the process of deciding where that will be after all it my party! LOL!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Every year one of my sister's charter's a bus for the ladies on both sides of her family and we go for a day of shopping in San Francisco. it has become a tradition. the bus ride is fun my sister holds a raffle so that some lucky winner will win their money for the bus back, then someone always makes Mimosa's for those of drinking age!

My daughter and I always have a good time so getting up early and returning home late in the evening this one day a year is well worth it. we do some shopping but for me it is just the quality time I get with my daughter and this year my eldest niece hung out with us which was great. ( she usually is with her daughter's and sister but they could not make it this year)

Our first stop is Union Square shopping center, where the three of us purchased items in a nice little silver store, of course my daughter had to see AF, Pink, then off to Anthropologie store that is always a favorite they have such unique items and beautiful clothes then off to Old Navy for the big sale, finished there then a walk to the General Bead where my niece found what she was looking for, walk back to union square and daughter went to Forever 21 while my niece and I stayed outside and listened to a man preaching and seeing the Santa Clauses walk all around the city. 4 pm off the the pier where we visited the Gap and made a purchase. took a walk and ate dinner at Joe's Crab shack. where we had a window view of the people walking up and down the sidewalks and looking at the street artists while enjoying the ambiance of the waiters and waitresses dancing in Joe's. after dinner a brief walk to Kara's cupcakes( they melt in your mouth) and then walk back to the pier.

the photo of the tree is at pier 39 it is so beautiful lit up at night time. grab something warm to drink and back on the bus where there is noise then complete silence ( we ladies actually shop till we drop! seems like everyone somehow ends up taking a little nap till we reach out final destination of home.

though I have more Christmas shopping to do I am looking forward to next year!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to the Steps

Sometimes in life we find that we don't know what to do next when we feel confused, upset at the end of our rope we should go back to the steps. No matter what situation we are facing working a step will help focus on one then work it

what does it mean to work a step? think about it focus on about how that step will apply make sure to hold on to it tightly as we hang on to the problem

Steps can be one solution they work , we can trust them to work we can trust were the steps will lead us. we just have to follow the steps to lead us to the path we need to take

what steps are you following?