Friday, February 18, 2011

The woes of $

" Although gold dust is precious when it gets in your eyes it obstructs your vision" His-tang

while I have been home due to my surgery I found out a state disability claim that I filed was " invalid" reason being the school I work for does not pay into it what they do is pay into it as a supplement through a private insurance which as an employee you can get and pay for ( needless to say when I started I did not need nor want to pay for that extra insurance) I refused to use any of my vacation or sick time because I may need it for other things anyway even though I am not being paid for this time off  I learned a lesson that I should have really checked into that prior to my surgery except that my surgery happened so fast. I should not have assumed that I would get state disability for my time off. again as I said Lesson learned I have been learning a lot of lessons  of late.

My husband has been on disability from his job for almost a year it is a work related injury and yet the day of my surgery he received a letter stating he was terminated. ( I did not know you can be let go while you are on disability) so my husband as filed a grivance with the union for his work and also got the state EEOC and filed a wrongful termination suit. my husband did find out that since is workman's comp case is still on going he will have to exhaust all the disability money before he can file unemployment. my husbands case is on going and he also got permission to file suit from the state we live in.

I have to admit I am concerned my husband is a retired veteran so we are good for medical he does get his retirement and the income from my job is money but not enough so we have been going over things and I am frightened that we may have to file bankruptcy ( I know it 's common in this economy and it's a bad mark on your credit for 10 years) after thinking about it in some ways I think it may be a blessing for us if we did I mean ever since my husband got injured our credit has gotten bad though we work on getting it fixed up but it is always something. so I believe if we do file bankruptcy it would be a blessing to start over I only read a little bit about it so I keep praying that things will get better financially and me getting back to work on Monday will help me to feel like I am helping in a small way. I am also thinking it is time for me to go back to school while I may be able to get a grant or some financial aid while our income is not what it used to be and hopefully my college kids can also get better financial aid. as for my progress I have been walking and my food consumption has been good.