Sunday, September 25, 2011


"I have arrived , I am home, in the here in the now  I am solid, I am free in the ultimate I dwell "    Tich Nhat Hanh

when is enough really enough

line from the song enough - enough is enough. that is what I keep telling someone I care very deeply about , I may not be the worlds greatest advice giver but I think that when I do listen and give my opinion ( not advice) it comes from deep within my heart and experience I call it my opinion because that is what it is in the last eight months while on my own spiritual path I have come to realize that it is better to say I share my opinion because that way it gives whomever you are expressing  your opinion to that you are not advising them your merely enlightening them how you see it but what they ultitmately do is on them.

This person I love keeps kind of going round and round in a relationship its hard at times for me to sit on the side lines but it is what I need to do. This young couple goes through to many verbal confrontations so much so that you can see the pain in the eyes of the one I care about, I think she is scared to just let the relationship dissolve after all they are not married they are way to young and not no- where near being ready for that. one depends way to much on the other, one is stronger than she gives herself credit for

A terrible incident happend last week that has given me pause to really hope this person takes the time they should and decide if they want to continue down this path. For the one I love and care about I certainly hope not but again it's my opinion. I can't get into specifics about the incident but to me it was callously intentionally cruel and then the person I care about was threatened and blamed by people and yet the one I care about is continuing to be supportive all in the name of love!. I admire this person for loving and showing support the way that they do, however one person can not take the weight on their shoulders all the time. everyone must be held accountable for their actions. I understand that this is the relationship they are in but I also understand that if you truly love someone sometimes as painful and as hard as it is you have to love the other person enough and let them go. I wish the other person involved would see and understand that and let the person I care about fly. but then again who am I to judge this person that I care about says their in love and believes that with time and therapy and a change of venue it could all work out, perhaps it could happen but then again there is always the chance that it won't.

I have a great concern about this but all I can do is pray and be there when the one I care about needs me to's been a hard situation and a hard week, I hope for peace for these people in this relationship I hope that God will guide them through all of this and if this person leaves then they leave freely knowing that they did the best they could and that you can't solve everyone's problems especially when you have some of your own to deal with. I pray that soon they will realize that enough is enough.