Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blessings 26-30

My blessings continue

Nov 26th I am blessed that I got the rest of my grocery shopping done and that my daughter and I had a safe trip to Santa Cruz to pick up my son, I am blessed that I danced in the rain and weathered the storm!

Nov 27th I am blessed that I had a wonderful thanksgiving that the turkey and all the fixings came out well and that the 4of us were blessed to be together. I am blessed that I got email cards and calls from family members we could not be with personally but in spirit. and for the movie time my daughter and I went to while the hubby and son slept at home. and to hear joyous news that a young friend of mine got engaged today

Nov 28th I am blessed that I survived a day of shopping for a dress with my daughter for her banquet that is upcoming and further blessed that My husband kept his grace and patience through the crowds I am blessed that I had some alone time and saw a wonderful Christian Movie titled Fireproof. can't wait till it comes out on DVD I will be buying this movie

Nov 29th Today I am most blessed for being born on this day, feeling love from my parents spirit and love from my family members calling wishing me birthday wishes I am truly loved and blessed. today I am also blessed because I pampered my self and had a wonderful dinner out on the town with my family, and for my daughter who made me a birthday cake from scratch and did it with love ( it was really yummy!)

Nov 30th Today I am blessed and remembering the passing of my beloved brother and my aunt
I am also blessed to wish one of my Nieces a happy birthday and I am also blessed for the weekend we had and getting my son safely back to school I am also blessed that this month is
coming to and end and getting ready for the Christmas holiday, Looking forward to what blessings the weeks ahead will bring to me, and that in two weeks I will again be coming to bring my son home for his long holiday break!

but I am mostly blessed that everyday of my life God gives me wonderful blessings each and every day.