Saturday, July 14, 2012

These three are the three loves of my life they are my heart and soul.This photo was taken at the beach a block from my son's new apt the day of his college  graduation. when I think back to 30 years when I first laid eyes on my husband I just knew instantly I would be spending my life with him so we married and  I was told at a point in my life that we were not going to be able to have children after trying and so many losses and finally resigning to accept that children were not in the cards for us we were blessed and I ended up pregnant with our son and again after his birth was kind of told that he would be our only child. we felt blessed and accepted that but two years later our second blessing came to us with the news we were expecting again and it was a girl. I believe God listens to prayers and I believe in destiny. I believe that the day I met Jeff we were truly destined and we were each others true life soul-mates.

Jeff and I are so blessed with our son and daughter they are best friends with each other and they have grown into wonderful, caring adults. we are glad that they are family oriented and that they enjoy hanging out with mom and dad from time to time. and we all have such a unique closeness with each other that I know will last a life time. when I was forty I got my first tattoo ( I always just wanted one and so I did ) what I got was a sun with a heart in the middle and the significance being that sun in Spanish is Sol and well the heart is the heart so for me this is the significance that my family Jeff, Kiel and Kaitlyn are my heart and my soul.

I feel very blessed to have the three loves of my life in my life each and everyday.