Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Bette, Buddy, Bella

Below are some other members of our family the bird is Bette she is a rare Australian Rose breasted cockatoo and since females are called Bette's in Australia we thought it a prefect name for her she is a very smart bird, she greets us every morning with a "hi there" she talks up a storm with those she feels comfortable around she gives kisses as well when she feels like it. Bette is a year old and these brids can live up to 65 years. sometimes she scares me and my daughter but all in all she is sweet,
 The little guy in the middle is Buddy(I know he has the face that reminds us of a gremlin maybe we should have named him Gizmo! Buddy is a very active dog he loves being the center of attention he is very affectionate and is a light sleeper he is a good protector and he loves cuddling by anyone of us. Buddy is just a little over a year old my husband took care of his strayed parents while buddy's mother was pregnant and then when Buddy and his brother were born my husband was able to find homes for the parents and his sibling Jeff and the kids fell in love over buddy so he ended up with us. the lady below is Bella she came to us about 3 months after buddy did she was abandoned a friend of my husbands found her in his barn and could not keep her she Bella fell in love with my husband so he brought her home.. she is his little shadow when he takes a nap or is ready for bed she is right there by his side! she is a very affectionate dog as well! she is also our little piggy in the house if she hears anyone in the kitchen she is there hoping your going to share something with her!

we do have another addition in our family she is Kodie she is my daughter's dog I don't have a photo of her yet but will do another post all about her!

Live in the present

"Live in the present and launch yourself on every wave find eternity in each moment"