Monday, February 21, 2011

The sound of the rain

"Meditation is not an escape from life but a preparation for really being in life" Tinch Nhat Hanh

Jan 30th I awoke to the sound of rain it sometimes is a beautiful sound when it stopped I took a brisk walk to buy a newspaper and get a bit of exercising in by doing the walk cause right now that is extent of the exercising I can do. later Jeff and I went into town and purchased a convention counter oven i got the food network brand this item is something I have long wanted the only reason we bought it is cause it was on sale for a good price other wise I would have kept waiting. then Jeff took me to lunch at Panda Express I thought I would be ok wth just steamed vegetables my stomach was so not ready for that again had the feeling I over ate. so I was careful the rest of the day. came home and made my mother in laws soup today when I weighed I am down 14lbs still a great deal to go but again the dropping of the lbs is a perk I still have a great deal to do and accomplish. awkwardness with my daughters boyfriend sorry he feels that way but Jeff and I will not tolerate not treating our daughter with respect (even if they argue we call her on it as well if she is treating him bad) no matter what we will support our daughter what kind of parents would we be if we did not get upset at him for what he said to our daughter we are over it but hopefully he understands that we mean what we say. he will she will they will treat each other with respect. It has been weeks since I wrote the main part of this post and I think the kids ( my daughter and her boyfriend) have gained more respect for us. these are life's lessons we are teaching them so that if and when they do end up getting married at least they have a strong type of mentors to follow. I am not saying that my husband and I are perfect certainly we not but we have lived and been married for 28 years so we should know a little of what we talk about.

I so enjoy the sound of the rain as when I listen to it, it reminds me just how it trickles down washing all the negative stuff and cleansing the heart and soul. I love to jump in the puddles and feel the rain drops fall on me. bringing out the inner child in me, I love the sound of the rain for the since of the nurturing it gives to all living things we need water to grow, to be refreshed , I love the sound of the rain for the comfort and warmness it creates in the home I love the sound of the rain for the cuddling my husband and I share ( ok we don't only cuddle when it rains we cuddle all the time)

I simply love the sound of the rain