Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yesterday My daughter( my sunshine sunflower)  celebrated her nineteenth birthday. when she was little girl she liked the birthday parties as she got into her teens not so much a party person anymore she likes quaint celebrations with just the four of us ( which normally would mean me, her dad, her brother) and now her boyfriend of course. well her brother could not be here but called and they had a long chat her boyfriend ( my son in law to be one day ) Kevin brought her a dozen white roses and a bouquet of wild flowers, we gave her money as she likes to shop and our traditional out to dinner and cake she chose Chinese food and a Oreo cookie ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. and she got a zillion and one birthday wishes from friends and family on face book and some by text all in all she had a wonderful day. and to end her day she and I watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls ( that was one of our favorite mom and daughter shows) so from time to time we kind of have a Gilmore Girls marathon, we also indulge in Taylor Swift music. I am so glad she had a great day reason being she is planning on spreading her wings and flying at the end of Dec and transfer to a college out of state. part of me says she is not ready  but the other part of me says I understand I myself had left home and met her father at nineteen but did not get married till I was twenty. I am trying to see all the good and be supportive even though I will miss her terribly but I am hoping that where ever her dad and I land our feet she will live near by same with our son. ( I know it may be a lot to wish for but I am going to keep wishing it) time sure does pass by in a blink of an eye. so I am plan on having mother and daughter days as much as we can before she moves and I told her that I will be celebrating next years birthday with her in her new state because as long as I can help it we will continue tradition and have birthday dinners and cake together.