Tuesday, April 28, 2009


To get something you never had, you have to do something you have never done.

I love this sentence! I have been concentrating on it for a few days now and when I read it
it is not material things that come to mind it to me is the spiritual things, granted material things
are nice but in time lose some of their value, you usually keep the ones that are sentimental to you tucked away and pull them out when you need to.

yes, of course we need some material things in this day and age to live but lately with the way things are in this world today I sometimes want to go back to the way it was when we did not have all this crazy materialistic things where I noticed lately how kids are falling into the "keeping up with the Jones" value before they even finish school and start to lead their own life.

I was brought up in a family that was not rich by any means and in the heritage I descend from the eldest family siblings help raise and help financially. my eldest siblings certainly lived by that rule! I grew up learning some valuable lessons. as of late with the financial struggles in the world I am going back in my memories and trying to retain those valuable lessons taught. for they were not just about money because we always make do, but mainly about family stability and the art of doing something you have never done. I somehow managed to do that this past month by going on a few hikes. lesson learned I believe that money does not make you rich what makes you rich is the greatest gift of all LOVE.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

something to ponder

"Life is a journey not a destination"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wild Flower HIke part 2

thought I would share a few more photos from our wildflower hike
photo is blury but I thought it gave the photo character! I love the color

above the photo of
a very old Adobe home that
was built in the 1800's this is what remains of it the state park built an awning over it. I especially liked the
fire place

The brown shed is an actual meat packing shed that one of the known
ranchers in Los Banos his name Henry Miller had placed on the property which is now California State Park Property

we have taken a bit of a hiatus from hiking till my husband recuperates from his surgery
we do have more that we will be going on we are truly enthralled in utilizing the beauty the park services have to offer around us.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wild Flower HIke

It seems as though my husband and I have fallen into the wonderful art of hiking this past weekend we took a 3 mile wildflower hike up at Dinosaur point the photo here is what is known as Miners Lettuce it is called this because the Miners used to eat it
along our hike we saw many different wild flowers and were told that more will be blooming this hike runs weekends through March

Yellow and purple are sure pretty together

I am not sure what the daisy looking flower is called but I thought it in the daisy family

Friday, April 3, 2009

Path of the Padres the Finale

The conclusion of the path of the Padre hike and photos are in a random order
as you can see the pontoon boat taking us back to where we started
we all were ready to enjoy sitting after such a long hike!

I could not pass up the photo opportunity that my
husband gave me while he was resting on the rock
is he not a cutie pie!

my co-worker Rebeca and her husband Keith we all had such fun together!!

If you ever get the chance to take this hike I recommend it the park does this only once a year on weekends
in March.

path of the Padres Part 4

In my continuing sharing my path of the Padre hike I took two weeks ago
here are a few more photos not in any order the top photo is of the group of fun folks that took the hike the youngest was 13. we are on a bridge that the park service built
especially for this hike a few years ago because the park service wanted towns folk and travelers to enjoy the beauty and history of the path of the Padre hike. some beautiful wild poppies the fields were covered I never saw up close how wide a poppy can open up till I took this hike

the next post will be the final chapter in the path of the Padre hike.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Path of the Padres Part 3

As I continue to show the photos of my hike of the path of the padres I
wanted to share more photos

the stream is actually where the Padres would bath the town of Los Banos was really named Arroyo De Los Banos which really means
the canyon of the baths most folks now a days think Los Banos means "The Bathrooms" which in fact it could but that is not the true name. the baths is surrounded by Sycamore grove and according to the rangers is still one of the oldest in Ca state park history.

along the hike there are some soft rock and though this photo is not very clear it is a grinding stone where the Native Americans would crush acorn
and plants.

Of course the land is fenced off and
there is private land and I thought
this cow looked pretty.