Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blessings 1-25

The month of November is the month of Thankfulness and Blessings so I wanted to share some of the things I have been thankful/blessed for so far

Nov 1st - I am blessed to have met the man who holds the key to my heart 26yrs ago
Nov 2nd- blessed to spend time with my son while we took him back to college
Nov 3rd- blessed to have a great day at work
Nov 4th- blessed that I live in a country where history is always made and that the people choose to make the history happen
Nov 5th blessed that election day is over
Nov 6-7th blessed that the work week is over
Nov 8-9th blessed to have had a wonderful weekend with my husband and blessed that he is feeling better blessed to have wonderful memories of my eldest brother on his birthday even though he his deceased I think of him today and memories of my grandfather who passed on this day as well.
Nov 10-14th blessed for all the wonderful things in my life, blessed that my freedoms are protected by the men and women who serve in the US Military blessed that my daughter is becoming a thrifty shopper!
Nov 15-16th blessed that my daughter is a pretty safe driver as we are preparing her for her Drivers license
Nov 17-21 blessed for a great niece who celebrates her birthday, blessed with a job where everyone gets along, blessed that my son is coming home and we are going to a play together
blessed to see friends that are visiting from Texas, blessed that my husband brought dinner home on his own and I did not have to cook!
Nov 22-blessed that I spent some quality time with my husband even though i was not feeling well, blessed that my son and daughter and I went to Starbuck's together and then to the store and had a fun time!
Nov 23 blessed that my husband and I got our son back to college safely and that I will bring him home later this coming week for the holiday.
Nov 24th Blessed that this is day one of a short week and that things at work are kind of slow
Nov 25th blessed that today is one of my sister's and brother's birthdays along with my godmother's I am blessed that these people are still in my life.blessed that at work my coworkers and I had an awesome potluck for our last day before our Thanksgiving Break