Monday, May 26, 2014

Where Have I Been

Where have I been? I have been asking myself that it has been sometime since I have posted, part of me has been wanting to post but then I let time slip by cause I felt I had nothing really to say or share. but today I find myself with time to catch up and so I decided to post. I did not leave the blogging world completely I kept peeking on to my cohorts blogs that inspire me.

It seems like I have been in a haze with medical issues all around my family between my better half and I needless to say I am tired of the medical drama everything is great with my better half he has mended well. me on the other hand I have been poked and prodded and they still can not really give me a diagnosis of what is going on.

seems my body does not want to absorb iron any more and so for almost a year I have been walking this earth with very bad anemia I did not even know that I was anemic. they tried the old iron pills, then shots and now I have been getting iron infusion treatments at the hospital every week I have 4 more treatments and we will hope my iron has improved ( the last check up I had 6 treatments of iron and my numbers only went up a point) if this treatment works and stays then I will be one of the people who will need this type of treatment every two years if it does not work then I will have to make the decision about getting a blood transfusion.

hopefully they will be able to tell me why my body does not want to absorb iron I mean there has to be a reason doesn't there. I am still doing research in the mean time I am exhausted some days with no energy and other days where I am ok. busy with school well at least summer break is upon me and busy with work.

I have always considered me a work in progress and I still do I enjoy learning and so now it's time to learn some fun things if anything whatever this is I am going through it has taught me that life is to short and anything can happen. I do not know what is going on inside my body but I am taking the steps to aid a wellness and health back into me. I am going to enjoy each and every day.