Saturday, February 12, 2011

Internally Externally

On Jan 25th 2011 I had my first post op appointment I have lost 10lbs today since I had surgery which I am told is normal for a revision patient such as myself I also had the drain tube removed that was a bit painful but boy I feel so much better now that it is out and I can actually move and sleep in my bed now. as I am recovering and healing I am beginning to realize that physical journey of my self health and also the emotional and mental path are leading to one path of my self discovery what I am beginning to realize and understand my "ah ha" moment is that my journey is all internal before it can be external.

Internal- the dictionary states the meaning of internal -(a) relating to or occurring or located in the interior of the body (b) relating or belonging to or existing within the mind,

So while I am healing physically internally and re-learning to nourish my body inside me I am also nourishing my mind and the role it all plays with me and food the dictionary describes external is (a) outwardly visible (b) of relating to or connected with the outside or an outer part (c) having only the outward appearance I believe the internal  is connected most definitely to the external.