Friday, June 17, 2011

To Know

great quote by Confucius:

" To know what you know and to know what you don't know that is real wisdom"

I have made the decision to return to college at my age of 48 I begin just one class in a few weeks, I have to admit I am a bit scared, nervous so fillled with many emotions I know this is something I feel I need and want I just hope I can keep up with it, It is a whole new world for me, I wonder if what I know from life experiences will help get through this. I have college age kids and well part of me has begun to wonder but I have my college kids blessings and support to do this along with my husbands so I will see where this path leads me.  I have been on a self discovery path since January and I have been learing a great deal about myself also in January I had some surgery that has given me great insight and well my paths are still a slow work in progress but like the old saying one step, at a time and that is what I am doing breathing, and decision making one step at a time. I have two more weeks of work before I have a month off for summer break so many things happening I have to remember to let stuff I have no control over just go and remind myself to breathe slowly everything will fall into place and if it doesnt then it will in another way. I think the above quote by Confucius is so true what you don't know is real wisdom.