Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A day a the Beach

Last Monday (Martin Luther King ) day I spent the day with my kids
I had to take my son back to school in Santa Cruz and so my daughter decided to tag along. we took his stuff up to his dorm and then went to Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk ( we did not go on any rides) we just went to " hang out" on the beach. we had fun we took a bunch of silly photos and then my son and I watched my daughter write in the sand for a gift idea she is working on I took photos with my camera I am still in the process of learning to use!

the photo is of my kids before we left the beach to go into town and eat at one of my sons favorite places
which was an interesting Mexican joint, and after lunch we went shopping of course as my daughter was on a mission to find Purple Vans
for her boyfriend a task her brother
had already found for her in a few minutes! while we walked down town on one side of the block there were protesters for Gaza and on the other side they were playing a dvd of Martin Luther King's famous speech
only in Santa Cruz ( as my son said) and I sure am learning to adapt to the on goings in Santa Cruz each time we go we seem to have a bunch of fun.
we made a plan to go back and stay longer all three of us really love the beach for many reasons
I know we will have many more of these days and as the kids get older each day seems to be going by fast but we will always have this day!


"God is your everyday supply. of EVERYTHING you need"