Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Work in Progress

Two years ago for a New Year's resolution I decided that I was going to go by one of my favorite quotes by Dolly Parton and "Find out who you are and do it on purpose" This quote as rung with me for many many years,
I have been soul searching and finding out just who I am inwards and outwards and even though I am still searching ( will always) and have come to many realizations about myself I am what I am comfortable saying
"A WORK IN PROGRESS"  I came to the conclusion that this is not a bad place to be because I am an ever changing person learning about me and that it is ok!

I have the permanent labels I am ..... Jeff's wife, soul-mate, lover, best friend, Partner
                                          I am ....  Kiel and Kaitlyn's mother, adviser,confidant, safe place
                                          I am ...    A Daughter
                                          I am .....  A  Sister, Aunt, Great Aunt,Niece, Cousin
                                          I am ....   A Student, A Administrative Assistant
                                          I am ...    A Friend,
                                          I am...     A Believer

I  enjoy being a work in progress because there are still so many more facets for me to find of what makes me tick. and at age 49 I am enjoying this re-cleansing of me. I honestly feel so many different and fascinating emotions with this. In a few months I will be entering what everyone calls the big 50! club I am not afraid to do so I am looking forward to it I have always said this about my birthdays I do not think of myself as a year older cause that is a given I think of myself as a year wiser!  I actually think of myself as a flower that is blooming with the seasons.