Friday, February 25, 2011

The Visit

On Jan 29th marked three weeks since surgery and I started to reintroduce food to myself mind you only a third cup per serving. that seems so small until you measure your food ! my husband Jeff and I decided I needed to get out of the house and go visit our son Kiel who attends UC Santa Cruz since he had been sick they thought he had an pnuemonia he ended up having a severe cold. anyway we had hoped to spend the day with our son however when we got there we only ended up spending about 15 min with him as he found out that morning he had a residential  aide interviews to conduct so we planned a rain check date. So Jeff and I drove down to Campbell and I had my first lunch out since I am reintroducing foods we ate at subway and I had scoop of tuna in a bowl cause I can not have breads or bread products yet. they charged me the same price as if I had bought a sandwhich  I do not want to over eat so I am being very careful but I fear that I might have and did but I did not get any kind of dumping syndrome so I don't know. we windowed shopped around and later had soup at Fresh Choice it was a challenge for me but I did ok I still believe that I over ate I have to be so careful about overeating. when i got home a bit of an incident occurred but it will work itself out.