Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heaven's newest angel

Sunday morning June 10, 2012  I was awaken with some sad news my Godmother the beauty in the wine color outfit sitting next to my Kiel (then 2yrs ) was taken home this morning at 5:30 am to be with the other two angels in the photo with her and to be with her husband and my parents as well. My Nina was my mom's cousin and they were more like sisters than cousins. She was just like my mother in so many ways and I could see why they were like sisters and best friends. My nina ( as I called her) would tell me so many stories of her and my mother as children and young woman and then  as married women all the things they shared. She was always there and I could see why my mother and father chose her to be my Godmother and also one of my sisters godmother as well. . there is not a birthday or special day that she ever missed even when I was married she always remembered mine, my husbands, our children's birthdays and anniversary's. she was such a sweet lady with a spirit that certainly lives on.

she was in her 90's and this past Easter she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and a tumor also in her lung
funny they never tested her for these things when she complained of head aches, they merely said due to her age she was in stages of dementia. but apparently that was not the case. the tumors both in the brain and lung had grown the size of a baseball and truthfully she was in pain and so it was decided that she was ready to be called home. she was to be made as comfortable as possible and just recently was put on a morphine drip and as I had prayed for just went to sleep and did not wake up. ( that is how I hoped she would go I did not want this beautiful lady to suffer. )

I have been thinking a great deal about my nina today as we prepare to say good bye and she gave me so many gifts not just material things but just by her love, her stories, and one thing I will always treasure she gave me a copy of her and my nino wedding photo, they were married on pearl harbor day.

I am not really saying good bye to her for as I said I carry her memory, her spirit and love in my heart always and I know she is with love ones in a beautiful place. and she and my mom are back to the sister hood they shared.

God Bless you Mary Luisa Lozano here on earth you will be truly missed.