Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's My Party

So recently I celebrated my 48th birthday I love my Birthday and though some people do not enjoy the fact that they are getting older I love to embrace the fact that I am. it is a graceful process, of course I have wrinkles, they tell a story on my face a story of where I have been in these 48 years and as I age they will continue to do so. I know I need to seriously work on exercising and getting my body in shape and stay healthy but here is the thing I look at about birthdays it is not only do I get a year older I get a year wiser!

I did not really have a party normally we would go out to dinner as a family but since it was during the week and my son is not home from school yet ( his winter break began last Sunday) I decided that I would rather wait till we can all be together.

My daughter and her boyfriend made me a homemade dinner and bought me a black forest cake which was wonderful and I appreciated it so much.

So I am looking forward to when my son gets home and we have our family outing and dinner I am in the process of deciding where that will be after all it my party! LOL!!