Sunday, November 7, 2010

I have had the pleasure of knowing

Aside from my mother there was one woman who just like her was one of the best woman I ever had the pleasure of knowing and that was Thelma Lois Clark Madden (a.k.a. Granny) she was my husband' s grandmother., when I came into the family almost 28yrs ago she and I became kindred spirits she was a week younger than my own mother. and it was such a joy to always talk to her in person and on the phone. we would always have the capacity to brighten each others day and there was nothing that we could not ever talk about.

we had such things in common love of cooking (she gave me a few secret family recipes and tricks she cooked like my mother never measuring anything but it always came out good! we had a love for thrift and antique shopping, and yard sales. and listening to old time ( bluegrass) music as well as country music.

she was strong and told us ( my husband, myself and our kids) the most amazing stories of when she was a girl and when she and her husband met and just so much great family history. she was a leather craft artist we are told the National Cowboy Heritage Museum had made repeated offers to purchase and acquire these free hand leather art work.

The photos were all divided among the grandchildren ours hang on the wall and I take such joy and pride when looking at them they not only are art they are also pieces of family history and that is where they remain in the family forever.

Sadly on Oct 11Th 2010 my kindred spirit left this earth to be with her soul-mate in heaven interesting fact she passed 10 days before the passing anniversary which was sated for 1o/21/10 we all for sure thought that she would not make herself last this many years without him. at least our granny is at peace now and with her husband.

My husband was very close to his grandparents when his grandpa passed my husband could not attend his grandfather's service. My husband had a pneumonia at the time we did however go back to visit granny that summer before she moved out to AZ. His grandparents told him stories of traveling the route 55 so on our way driving to Oklahoma we paid homage and we took the old route 66 route and I-40 and took in the scenery and time.

I am glad that we took the time to do this Thelma Lois Cook Madden (Granny) was a very special person in my life. Our last visit with her was in July she was always happy to see us and she had us sit on each side of her holding our hands looking at my husband telling him while raising my hand and saying to him " This girl is the best she is a keeper you better always remember that you have a rare gem who's love in her heart shines in both of you" I cannot express that since her passing I hear her voice saying those words. I will never forget her she lives in my heart forever.

Thelma Lois Cook Clark
March 1920-Oct 2010