Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jan 31-2/1

The last day of January went for a ride with Jeff  to do some errands good to get out of the house it is strange weather here I seem to be same as far as eating I am aware that I have been eating more than I should so I am scaling down back to Jello and popscile for a few days. 2/1/11 new month  feeling a little stressed out had my first episode of "dumping" this morning I realized that if I over eat I get the hiccups so now I am understanding that there are other signs of over eating and not just vomiting. so I plan to be more cautious about my relearning to eat foods. Jeff has been really supportive we are becoming closer he told me he is glad that I had this surgery and that we are together see we have been having many stresses of many issues but he made me feel better he is in support of my decision to be a "life Coach" he is also supportive of the journey I am on and supportive of another thing I decided I would like to try becoming a pampered chef consultant I am going to give it a try as I have a passion for cooking and i love their products and again even if I try and find out it's not my cup of tea at least i can say I tried and have some wonderful kitchen gadgets at a discount basically that is what I sometimes due I join things like this for the consultant discount!