Saturday, December 12, 2009

Peace this season

Last weekend we took our annual holiday shopping trip to San Francisco
it is such a wonderful time because
we catch up with family and friends.

we start the bus ride with Mimosa's and I had the chance to get to talk with my niece who has only been in the family for almost three years now. that meant a great deal to me. only because even though we live in surrounding areas life keeps us busy and we don't always get to see each other. but I am hoping that will change in the new year at least that is one of my hopes. My daughter and I had a great deal of fun we shopped and she probably shopped for her self and for sure more than I shopped! we found ourselves in MACY'S where after trying on 20 some dresses she found the perfect one and it was reasonably priced and on sale which made it better!. Down at the Ghiradelli square we had the best cupcake ever at Kara's cupcakes they melt in your mouth then of course dinner at what has now become her favorite place Joe's Crab Shack where we watched the wait staff dance and they played wonderful music. then walked back to the pier 39 where we enjoyed watching a spray paint artist who was talented and to the bread factory for some sourdough bread to bring home, then on the bus back home.

there were many signs posted all over stores and billboards saying "peace" that is what I wish
for everyone in these few days before Christmas " peace"