Thursday, December 3, 2009


It has been quite sometime since I have posted anything on this blog
partly because I have been kind of lazy I am on a computer all day at work and by the time I get home make dinner and clean up i am kind of not in the mood to get on the computer again! and the other part is cause this past year I have had so many different layers in my life. from health issues for both me and my husband to the daily things that happen in ones day to day of life. I am in awe of all the blessings I have each and every day. also preparing for the holidays in following one of my families traditions a few weeks ago myself and two of my sisters made 40 dozen tamales for our family it is a great deal of time consuming work but I love the tradition of this that my mother had given to me and it is something that I intend to keep doing
till I am unable to. it brings joy to me to be able to do this for my family!. then there was Thanksgiving we stayed home and I cooked for the four of us it was fun just sitting and talking with our kids. then last Sunday I turned 47 I don't look at it as I am older of course I am another year older I have started looking at it as I am getting another year wiser and accept my aging with grace. yes I need to work on weight issues and I intend to do so on a day to day basis.

now we are getting ready for the Christmas holiday which in my household is filled with excitement of baking cookies, planning our dinner and of course what the spirit of Christmas means. another special thing that has become a tradition is that my daughter and I go on a shopping trip to San Francisco with some other family members this year in particular is very special because I am not sure if this will be the last one with my daughter for a while since she will be off to college next fall. ( I am hoping she chooses one close by) so of late I have been reflecting on all that has happened in the last 11 months and look forward to embracing the new
year to come. ( but that will be another blog stay tuned!!)