Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Never Forget

" Never forget the powerful resources always available to you- LOVE, PRAYER, FORGIVENESS"

Sometimes when I see things like this wagon my mind wanders through time ( like an episode of Little House on the Prairie I sometimes catch an old rerun of that show) I think about the struggles that they went through. My husband's grandmother ( Granny) as she is called by us has given us wonderful stories of her youth riding in wagon, hunting and fishing with her grandpa and Papa, going to the church that was also her school helping with all the siblings. and her family always hoping the crop would be a good one every year as they also ran the local cemetery. as my mind wanders I think if our grandparents, and even parents have lived through a depression, a few world wars, that in today's world we should be able to as well,( we are and I know that it is economically challenging) they did not have the luxuries or resources that we do today. except for the three I mentioned above those to me are the resources and luxuries that is needed in this world and I certainly try to instill them in my everyday life. Our granny has had Parkinson's for many years she is in her late 80's and it is finally taking it's toll on her but she does not give up. sadly she fell and can no longer live by herself and has dementia she is very stubborn when it comes to her independence! and now lives in an assisted home. and just last week she had lost her only surviving sibling ( she has out lived 3 sisters and 1 brother) I spoke to her and she reminded me of what these three things that are most important in any life time.

LOVE- love the Lord, Love your life, Love your family & friends.
Prayer- Always have faith,
Forgiveness- always have a heart of forgiveness because not forgiving can only hurt you.