Friday, March 18, 2011

In an Instant

Is it not interesting what can happen to change your life completely in an instant. Last week my family had a scare with the earthquake in Japan I have a nephew and his family who live there and as soon as we heard about it on the news many family members were on FB( facebook) asking if they were affected by it with the grace of our Lord he and his family live far from where it all took place but they have friends and other relatives who did live in that area, then the Tsunami and the strength it had hitting the Ca coast I was a bit worried about our son who attends college in Santa Cruz but he assured me he would be safe on campus and thankfully so, the damage it caused in Santa Cruz total 5 million so far.

In a split second life changes my nephew just got word that one of his good high school chums just passed from ALS  my nephew in the last two years has lost quite  a few friends from high school and college and though it is hard to know these young men passed at such a young age my nephew has handled it with strength and dignity. and I am so proud of him, My niece had the loss of her father in law this week who had a stroke take his life at the young age of 67 she to is handling this loss with grace and strength for herself and for her husband and his family. and I am proud of her as well.

Life is so fragile one must really just enjoy it to the fullest I know I am blessed with my immediate family all together and look forward to them yes I want encourage them to fly but I am glad that they like to be near by as well. 

sometimes Gods greatest gifts in this life are unanswered prayers and I am truely blessed by what he brings in my life on a daily basis