Friday, April 3, 2009

Path of the Padres the Finale

The conclusion of the path of the Padre hike and photos are in a random order
as you can see the pontoon boat taking us back to where we started
we all were ready to enjoy sitting after such a long hike!

I could not pass up the photo opportunity that my
husband gave me while he was resting on the rock
is he not a cutie pie!

my co-worker Rebeca and her husband Keith we all had such fun together!!

If you ever get the chance to take this hike I recommend it the park does this only once a year on weekends
in March.

path of the Padres Part 4

In my continuing sharing my path of the Padre hike I took two weeks ago
here are a few more photos not in any order the top photo is of the group of fun folks that took the hike the youngest was 13. we are on a bridge that the park service built
especially for this hike a few years ago because the park service wanted towns folk and travelers to enjoy the beauty and history of the path of the Padre hike. some beautiful wild poppies the fields were covered I never saw up close how wide a poppy can open up till I took this hike

the next post will be the final chapter in the path of the Padre hike.