Saturday, June 11, 2011

when life throws you lemons

The old saying when life throws you lemons make lemonade! that is the lesson my 21 year old son has learned in the past week bless his heart. he is entering is last year at UC Santa Cruz and had arranged to live in a co-op community for college students however to his dismay he learned the co-op is going to shut down during the summer and so he will have to find outside housing due to it being late to apply for dorms . he wants to experience living off campus and was hoping to do that this summer however since the co-op fell apart also he learned that the job he had at the campus for the summer also fell through he is good to return for the fall. so he will be spending his summer at home and working at his old job but not before we take a little vacation he so needs a break. So he will be coming home tomorrow and I am so excited ! in our phone conversation the other day he has already made note to me of some things he hopes to do with just him and myself I so love that he loves spending quality time with me ! most 21 year olds would more than likely like spending time with their friends etc. but my son and I have always been close I am close with both my children and hope it will remain that way always and to their significant others they may bring into this family. anyway we will be doing the things he has requested I only have a few more weeks left of work then I am off for summer! tomorrow I will have one of his favorite dishes for dinner in honor of his return home for the summer.