Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On My Path of Self Discovery

In this new year I am embarking on a path of self discovery, I know that I am a soul-mate, wife, best friend, etc to my husband of 27 years and I continue to embrace what we have built and continue to build. he is my true north always has been and will continue to be even when we are put to the test.

I am a mother to my grown college age kids and would not trade that position for anything in the world my love for my kids and my husband our little family sustains me more than anything they are my guiding light in so many ways.

I am a sister to my sisters and brother and an auntie/Tia to my nieces and nephews. a friend to those who consider me a friend( which is a rare few) but I am a loyal friend. All these things that I know that make up me are fact, yet there are times when I feel like there is a puzzle piece of me missing nothing will change what I am as far as my family is concerned they are my first priority always but in this new year I feel the utmost need or calling if you will to rediscover me.

My first step is to take stock of my life thus far my 20's, 30's and present my 40's I am going to journal about each decade and write my feelings about it what I learned in those years and what I still long to learn, and perhaps along the way journal about it on a blog. what I know for sure is that this path I am embarking on I am guided by the good Lord above and I believe this self discovery is something the Lord is leading me to do and. I am in need of finding a self worth of balance and self healing and growing in my physical and mental and professional life( those are my buzzwords this year self and healing) and to let go of some of the non important baggage that I have been carrying with me. So with some journaling of my thoughts and some meditation I hope to be on the right path of my self discovery no matter how long it takes, or where it leads ( I am hoping to attend some workshops etc.) and even if I discover that there is no puzzle piece of me missing then I know I have had the greatest adventure in following my path of self discovery.

I love quotes and this quote in particular is one of my all time favorite spectacular quotes that hits home with me every time and will remain on my blog.

this quote is by Dolly Parton and reads


what path are you on this new year?