Friday, February 27, 2009

300 Reasons

I believe in being creative on valentines day when I give my Husband, Son, Daughter their valentines.( homemade vs store bought)( photo only of two of them cause son has his at school with him)

I have made them CD's, handmade cards, but this year I decided to do something a bit different I found these cute containers and then I bought foam and colored paper and for each of them I wrote out 100 reasons why I love them. 100 for my daughter, 100 for my son, 100 for my husband. This took me a great deal of time I thought this was going to be something super easy and to be honest the first few were totally easy however it then became a bit harder with out repeating myself. I hope they like it. the idea is that they will open the jar everyday and read one reason a day. hopefully as they do this it will express to them the unconditional love that I give them on a daily basis.which I am sure they know but sometimes it is just nice to read or hear. perhaps I should have called these little love notes.

when they opened their gift and found these, they were truly memorized and could not believe what love I felt and where did I find the time to put these together without their knowledge.

my daughter liked it so much she had made one for her boyfriend. ( though they have only dated six months!!)
I know there really are to many reasons to even possibly list. The point was that is came from my heart to theirs. so far they really love opening one up every morning my daughter says it
is such a inspiration to start the day off with.

I am glad that they have a bit of inspiration that comes from my heart! maybe one day they will
do this for me! (actually I take it in hugs, talks and just being together)

I am working on something like this but a bit different for some other relatives
and those who are the recipient of this gift I hope they find the same kind of joy that my immediate family did.