Sunday, May 29, 2011

weekend in review

My work week ends at 4 pm on Thursdays and begins my weekends I love only working four days a week this weekend was a wonderful one beginning with Thursday after work I attended my eldest great nieces graduation celebration it was held on Thursday evening at a wine bar she frequents from time to time with her friends. it was very interesting and the gathering was fun, it was held on Thursday evening due to the fact that she would be graduating Friday at 7:30 in the morning and she was the key speaker! which now brings us to her graduation it was wonderful she graduated with her Masters in psychology with a emphasis in neurophyschology she will be attending to Palo Alto University to pursue her PhD. I am so proud of her. her speech was marvelous and after the ceremony I got a photo with her. later that morning after the graduation I had brunch with two of my sisters it was a nice day, On Sat my husband and I took a drive out to San Juan Bapitsta and bought produce off of the local vendors who set up shop we purchased two flats of freshly picked strawberries for $10 each! it was a good deal also made out from a different vendor on two types of cherries as well, then found some wonderful produce as well at the farmers market made a wonderful fruit salad and cleaned and hulled the strawberries some I froze as we had an abundance the other I prepared to make home made jam which I did this morning after that my husband and I drove to a little town I grew up in it is about 45 min from where we live and we visited one of my sisters and her husband then we went window shopping again and went out to dinner something we really have not done in quite a while.  it was a pleasant three days so far tomorrow I think will be just relaxing around the house and getting ready to return to work on Tuesday which I begin summer hours for the month and then the 30th of June will be my final work day till the end of July I am looking forward to the break to do much needed things I want to do. one of them being taking a bit of a vacation to Seattle my children were to go with us but looks like their plans have changed due to unexpected things! I understand but none the less this may be our last family vacation for quite a while especially if our daughter transfers to a college out of state in Dec.
well I have a idea of what my next weekend will bring my daughter's birthday will be Friday big 19! so we will be celebrating that, not sure of what will happen on Sat but Sunday I will be volunteering at a farmer's pick and gather celebration and there  is sure to be a lot of fun it is all organic and there will be vendors and classes and demos etc.  I know I plan on picking the blueberries for sure!