Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This past Saturday January 15th I had a revision of a gastric bypass that I originally had seven years ago, I not only had that I also had some other issues going on. When I originally had this surgery seven years ago it was becoming popular due to Carny Wilson I did not have the surgery for the weight loss( I lost some weight but not a great deal)  I had it done for other medical reasons which did help. now I find myself in a repeat mode here I am have had the surgery for medical reasons and if I am lucky the weight loss would be a perk but I am more about the medical reasons and I am hoping that having done this again will help me heal as my journey of self health and discovery began in the new year. Do not misunderstand me I am very grateful that the insurance company approved this revision it astonishes me the technology and such that they do now for this compared to seven years ago.  So far I am doing well I actually was able to come home late Sunday afternoon which seven years ago I had to stay in hospital like four days! when I stopped to think about it I think about how having this done will affect my life not only by eating, or the physical changes that will or may occur but also the emotional changes that will be apart of this as well. Change is a good thing and I will embrace it one day at time. I am thankful and blessed that I was given this chance or opportunity once again so I am praying and embracing this revision as a revision for a healthy lifestyle to be truly incorporated in my journey and life path that I am on.