Monday, January 10, 2011

Self Discovery page 1

For 9 days now I am on a journey of self discovery and to that it means that there are times that I need to conquer some of my fears and step out of my comfort zone so here it is my first step as small as it is
A self photo of me with no make up I took a zillion of these as it seemed and this one seemed the nicest to post. though I am only an amature at photography as I go along with my journey I hope that I become better at it especially taking photos of myself.
I call this a raw photo of me yes it was taken in my bathroom where my art is of bathing beauties and you can see a bit of one of the photos ( after all the human body is a wonderful work of art ). as I began my journey for the past nine days I have been taking some stock of myself and that is where this photo kind of comes in. Last November I turned 48 years of age( by some young peoples standards I am considered getting old) however I don't look at it as older I look at it as I am gracefully getting wiser each year I celebrate the day I came into this world and took my first breath!. When I see myself there are times I see an aging woman, and as human as I am there are times when I do not want to see my self but since I started this journey I see my story that has been and is being written by my laugh/frown lines, by my eyes, and the lines around them, the dimples I was born with , scars from my youth, my double chin etc. I embrace it because as mentioned this is who I am, I have never been into the hype of plastic surgery don't get me wrong I am not putting those kind of procedures down for the many woman and men who can afford it and do it to make themselves feel better then I say good for them. but it is not for me. for me I am embracing from the Raw to the fullest of what makes me, and what better person to author their own story right? 

funny when I was taking photos of myself I kept hearing the Michael Jackson song play over and over in my head " Man in the Mirror" especially the line " I'm starting with the man in the mirror" then the line " and no message could have been any clearer if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change" 

well perhaps my journey of self discovery will not make the world a better place but I am hoping for some healthy interior self change.