Thursday, February 10, 2011


"My mind remain wide,so my place is naturally remote" Tao Yuan Ming

The above quote is resonating with how I feel since having my surgery, I am keeping my mind wide open about a great many things while my body and mind go through the healing process. here are a few of my thoughts that have been running through my mind.

On Jan 15th,2011 some might say my life as far as my weight today was a rebirth for me perhaps it was today I had revision gastric bypass surgery, I say revision because I had  this surgery seven years ago in 2003 at that time i had lost about 60 lbs( which is a great deal of weight but I never got to the goal the Dr. had set for me and in his eyes he made me feel as though I failed) over the seven years I developed medical issues I had always felt that something was not quite right but I was not told till a few months ago when I was going through the steps to see if I was a candidate for the revision. finding out I was indeed a candidate and my surgery came very fast so here we are. My surgeon Dr. Kelvin Higa is well known and considered number one in the country for this type of surgery.

My experience of seven years ago allowed me to (by pass) some steps this time around steps that people seeking this kind of surgery for the first time must take. My surgeon said that when they open me up they may have to shorten my lower intestine to cause malabsorption ( this was due to the fact that in my original surgery they did not go lower enough) however Dr did not have to shorten my lower intestine after all he did advise me that if I end up with these same issues then shortening my lower intestine would be a possibility in the future. what he ended up doing was repairing a very bad hiatal hernia and just revising my original gastric bypass by making my stomach smaller or creating a pouch as they call it.

so much has changed from seven years ago, for instance a few hours after I was out of recovery they had me walking around hospital floor, I was on a liquid diet which consisted of Jello juice and broth for 1 week only seven years ago I was eating that for a month before attempting soft foods, soft foods now comes into play a week after the liquid diet soft foods entail mashed potatoes, tomato soup, re fried beans, etc I am on soft foods for two weeks week three you begin to reintroduce foods to you mind you only a 1/3 cup  if you tolerate that well then you add chicken and meat on week 4 however no bread or bread like things or sweets for a month, I know that this is a tool and so far I am doing pretty well since surgery I have lost 17 lbs funny thing I am almost at the point were I could never pass when I had it the first time. I know this time will be a success, while I have been recuperating I have been drawn to watch cooking shows my family asks me if it bothers me I say no I am actually learning things for healthier cooking ideas. as I stated earlier I know this is a very expensive surgical tool well let's call it a gift I was blessed to receive by being a candidate and having this procedure done I am hoping the outcome is a success the procedure had to be do with the other issues and if those are in check my surgeon and I agree then it will be a success even if I don't lose any weight. my Dr seems to think I will lose 75 lbs  in this year hard work and patience and exercise will tell,

I have been on my path of self discovery and self healing hopefully I can keep my paths intertwined and not fall back into emotional and comfort food triggers. I believe I can no I know I can. I just got to keep my mind open.