Sunday, December 14, 2008

True Love.

"True love is born of songs and promises, and the kind of music only two hearts can hear". (Flavia)

This is just one of many favorite quotes about Love that I have written down in my journal of favorite quotes
(yes, I am kind of silly I write down
quotes, songs, poems that resonate with me in my journal books) anyway
just thought I would share.

My sweet hubby has been having a time of it at his job and well he says it is such a comfort for him to know he has me and the kids to love and support him!( he always has that!)it is nice that he shares those feelings and puts it into words for us to hear from time to time. it makes me teary eyed and blessed to have found a wonderful person that I have shared my life with for 26years and continue to learn from and love him more each day.