Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pomp & Circumstance # 2

On June 16 2012 my family attended our son's college graduation from University California Santa Cruz when I first started the journey of blogging my son was graduating from high school and making the decision of which college he would attend and now here it is time doesn't really stand still it moves and seems to go by quickly.
Kiel (pronounced kyle) graduated with honors! and he graduated a bit early as well. he plans to stay in Santa Cruz to earn his master degree in education and teach and he also plans to earn his PhD.

amazes me how much tears of pride came to me as I sat in the front row watching my little baby boy all grown up at the age of 22. Kiel has always loved school and I know he will be a wonderful inspirational teacher. that weekend was surely a filled busy weekend not only did he graduate he had just moved into a new apartment with three other of his friends which is a block from the beach! he also started a new job a week before graduating with Target and with the experience he had from working at the our local target while home he is already being considered in a supervisory position. in the photo below here is our little family Jeff(my hubby) Kaitlyn (daughter) Kiel and me. next graduation will be Kaitlyn's!