Saturday, January 5, 2013


"Dreams are illustrations for the book your soul is writing about you "
                         I came across this quote and it really gave me something to ponder about for the last few years I have been on a soul searching trek re-discovering who I am, what makes me click, and along the way I have come to understand quite a bit some I enjoy what I saw about myself even liked about myself and others I have found what I needed to let go of physically and emotionally not an easy task but one that I can be content happy and comfortable living with.

I also came to the realization that my quest about me will always be a work in progress of some sorts because I hope to always be evolving but evolving in the sense that I keep my wits about me, I keep in-tune with my inner self and keep in tune with my relationships so that they grow and flourish in a positive light.

I turned the big 50 this last year and as I have always gone by " I am not a year older ( though my mind and body age) I am a year wiser" I love those words a year wiser, it is true you lose some things as you age but you also gain things as you age, I embraced turning 50 in a quite way, I may look 50 but I don't feel it, sure I have ailments I am taking care of those but I am embracing those ailments to live a healthy life as best as I can some ailments I hope will go way the ones that won't then I pray that we can live peacefully in my body and enjoy life.

Dreams for myself that I have had well in reflection most of them have come true, I am married to my soul-mate of almost thirty years I felt this when we first met and I still feel it today not saying that in these almost thirty years that its been easy cause of course it has not but the fact is that we love each other enough to know that our choice to accept and love each other is what is of importance to us, through good and bad, and now we enter stepping into a world of aging together, it has brought a different vitality to our lives and with new dreams to make come true.

I have two wonderful adult children who have a big heart and a loving spirit ( I am blessed) and I take my parenting very seriously because there was a time in my heart and life that I did not believe I would ever be a mother, then through the grace of the lord I was blessed with a son and daughter, who are open and honest one already through college and the other almost there( well, OK, has a little ways since she is becoming a Dr.) I am very proud of them.

so now I live each day continue to dream illustrations for the book my soul is writing about me I am curious as to what it will it say, I can't wait to read it. Do you ever wonder what your dreams will illustrate in the book your soul is writing about you?